8 Creative Ways To Use Coasters In Your Home Decor

Maintaining the decor of your house is a tough job and the use of coasters is one of the most fantasized way to magnify the decor of a subtle table. Along with executing the task of keeping the table surfaces clean, they are an excellent addition aesthetically.

We have commenced a comprehensive collection of tea coasters with so many alluring forgings. Our coasters are available in a tonne of pleasing, cool and warm tones. We have some really fantastic coasters which will fit into your home and dining perfectly. From contemporary coaster glean to custom-made options ideal for home decor and gifting.

Here is how you can add a coaster to your house decor:

Hang On Wall

You can decorate your home by hanging coasters on the wall which will enhance the look and ambiance of your house. It will showcase your creative skills in addition to flaunting your coasters collection. Coasters with different prints or exclusively crafted by hand will look aesthetic on your wall and will be eye-catching creativity. Use a neutral hue background wrapper in all the frames to fuse the collection. Alternatively, acquire massive edges and exhibit clusters of coasters in the mount. Hang the coasters on the wall in an appealing arrangement.

Decorating Table

Decorating your table with a coaster will enrich the gimcrack of your dining and will increase the elegance and glance of your dining table. In addition to giving a touch of gracefulness to your dining space, it will capture the eyes of your guests and will look sophisticated. Aside from hoisting your dining tables and coffee tables with contrasting textures and pops of hues, coasters will also protect your precious surfaces from the dreaded watermark ring.

Using Wooden Coasters

The classy advent of wooden coasters accompanies a wide variation of decorative manners for your furniture. Coasters made of mango wood, Sheesham wood, and teakwood are the best for an eye-striking inclusion to your dining table.
These are usually handwrought to give you an elegant feel, motivation and a tranquil connection in the middle of you and our heritage. The engravings are beautifully sketched by skilled artisans. These coasters are so often kept raw or polished for an attractive finish on these gorgeous coasters and are eco-friendly.

Using Rustic Coaster

Rustic coasters have a marvelous texture which comes in gorgeous streaks and patterns. They are perfect for keeping your drinkware and in addition, bring grace to your dining space. They are a magnificent add-on to your dining and give a unique appearance to your table and your crockery. These customized hand woven coaster of jacquard fabric with gold floral design gives a personalized touch to your tables and even to your house decor.

Ricola Coasters

These are famous fancy coasters nowadays that not only look gorgeous but are also unique and are feasible in different exciting patterns. They make your table look perfect and enhance the look of your glasses. Vocational Ricola coasters with stunning patterns and a touch of Persian art will be a spotlight accessory on your table. Adding these coaster sets will enhance the glory of your home decor and your table and will give them a unique look.

Table Coasters

Table coasters are attractive and classy and not only add elegance to your table but also add a layer of protection to your crockery and cups from sweating on the surface. They also add a layer of protection to the external surface and safeguard your furniture from any type of damage, including spills, scuffs, scratches, and marks. These coasters hoist your house and table decor by their enumerating, impressions and cuts. These glass coasters can be used for fancy occasions as they look breathtaking and will bear you a lot of endorsements and compliments. These stunning coasters are splendid for your contemporary interior design and arrangement.

Liam Coasters

This purely handcrafted Liam coaster glaze is attractive on the dinner table. These handmade coasters are made from woven jacquard fabrics with floral motifs that turn the jacquard fabric into an alluring texture. This is a perfect option for table coasters and house and wall decor.

Using Monochromatic Colour Coasters

These monochromatic coasters with artistic touch are a perfect blend of blissful design and hues of colors. These coasters are a leisure masterpiece to catch the eye of the guests and are substantial. Being blooming and bright, it looks very attractive when kept over the dining or on the coffee table.


We have a wide range of customized coaster sets exclusively for you, handcrafted by our skilled artisans.

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