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    House cleaning is a tedious job, and so is maintaining house decor. The coasters help save your precious and exquisite home decor with proper organization. But if you think different coasters should match your house decor. Then relax as an excellent aesthetic variety of coasters is available at Home Yarn. They have a perfect range that fits your desired theme. 

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    Coasters are the most subtle way to highlight home decor, especially tea coasters. While organizing a tea party, tea coaster or coffee lovers' coffee coasters will add elegance to your choice. Watching a match with their buddies, remember to put beer coasters to save from extra cleaning. 

    A coaster set in your home will rock on any occasion. Buy coasters from an exquisite range of Home Yarn.

    Types of coasters

    Various coasters are available based on the material used to make coasters.

    Material used

    Marble coasters

    Since they are made from marble and are delicate and heavy. They are perfect to fit every theme; modern, vintage or retro; anything will work with these classy pieces.

    Plastic coasters

    Plastic coasters are in high demand due to Good quality plastic work, which is lightweight and easier to clean. They are made from high-quality polymer with fine threading.

    Jute coasters

    Jute coasters will give a rustic boho vibe to the party. They can easily fit into the casual artistic decor.

    Wooden coasters

    These are the most popular choice among coasters as they are lightweight and organic. Most homeowners go with them to create a medieval theme in their space.


    Monochromatic combo

    The monochromatic design is perfect if you love to play with hues of colour.

    Thematic coasters

    Using slogans, quotes, or your favourite series in a coaster will give a vocal reassurance of your thoughts.

    Artistic touch

    Why should carvings and artistic design be only for walls? You can even enjoy the leisure masterpiece of an artist while sipping coffee, tea or beer. These fabulous coasters are worth having to show your support for art.

    How to buy coasters?

    Buying a coaster set is easy if you know what you want and what you don't. If you love a minimal look, then wooden coasters will work. Make sure your table coasters match with table runners, mats and cups. The mugs you frequently use with guests should match the coasters. Having a lot on the plate can cause clutter. You can use an organizer on the table to avoid chaos. You can keep some cutlery in them. The fabric coasters can store dirt in them, so keep them safe and take them out when required.

    Why Home Yarn?

    The Home Yarn has high-quality coasters with a wide range of designs. They have good options for cushion covers and table runners, along with coasters that match perfectly. The material used is of high quality.  

    We provide 24x7 customer support and an easy return/exchange policy. We work to make your home decor journey smooth and happy.


    1. What are coasters?

    Coasters are small pieces which are used to rest drinks upon.

    2. What is their use?

    They are used to create good home decor and to avoid any heat damage or sticky stains on the table.

    3. Why do they stick with cups?

    They usually stick because of the vacuum created between them. To avoid sticky situations, keep both of them dry.

    3. Can we reuse them?

    They are reusable after cleaning them if they are dirty.