How To Choose The Perfect Table Runner For Your Space?

The 21st century has been quite revolutionary regarding lifestyle changes for the better. As we look back, the use of dining tables and televisions that once were a luxury for many homes has now become a necessity. 

Along with this, there has been a turnaround in the importance of fashion sense and aesthetics in a home. Right from vintage showpieces to pillow covers, cotton table runners and coasters the use of these items has become a necessity for comfort as well as interior aura. 

Things to Consider for Choosing A Table Runner 

For every dining table, discussion roundtable or coffee table that you own, an embroidered table runner is a basic element to consider. They are quite versatile to use as they could be replaced with coasters. However, to choose one from the many colours, dimensions and materials, it is necessary to keep certain things in mind. 

1. Ensure the right dimensions 

It is important to choose a table runner with the right length to make sure the right look is conveyed. The right size of the dining table runner can be easily determined by answering a few questions. It includes knowing the dimensions of the table. Also, it is important to consider any extended dimensions around the edge of the table. 

Secondly, knowing the use of the runner in terms of position on the table is important. Will it be used in place of placemats? Is it going to be placed in a horizontal or vertical position? For the centre table runner, measure the table’s width and divide it by three. It would be the runner length to choose. If used in place of placemats, the usual width is about 16 to 20 inches. 

2. Choose the right Combination based on Table Surface 

An unpopular opinion is that the best choice for a table runner online should be based on the type of table surface. The style of wood combined with a Kaira table runner might not go as well as with a glass table. Various table runner materials such as satin, polyester, silk, etc are available to choose from. The table runner that you choose should be selected so that the texture does not go against the feel of the table material type. 

3. Ensure the use of the Table runner 

If you are looking to use the table runner as a base for some centrepiece, a short table runner which leaves space on either side of the table must be used. Floral arrangements and decor items should be placed on a table runner that compliments in terms of colour and patterns. You could also choose a theme-based table runner depending on the object. Further, table runners are also used for protecting table tops against scratches, stains and impact. 

4. Choose the Colour based on Overall Look 

Match the tone well with the overall look of your table. Combine and contrast the tones based on your tabletop, showpieces and more. A solid colour dining table mat with a runner goes well with a vibrant top piece. The use of a vibrant table runner itself as a centrepiece can also be a great idea. However, make sure that the table runner is thick and protects the table from stains. 

5. Choose Table runners for the Occasion 

Based on the occasion, you can choose a table runner for the occasion. It might be a Christmas tree printed runner or a Thanksgiving event-based table runner. These theme-based table runners have colours that go with the event. For instance, a blue-coloured runner for a Hanukkah or a golden-red runner for Christmas gives the perfect festive vibes. They are also suited when used in bulk at wedding events. 


The selection of table runners is based on several aspects such as the theme of the room, the type of material and its colour, the placements of the runner and more. However, to select one, there are many factors to consider. 

A table runner that beautifies the complete look of the room is usually suited to the seating area as well as the centrepieces. You should also ensure what position the runner will be placed in. Several websites are available that provide table runners of various sizes, colours and fabrics. 

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